Priscilla Hutto – Debut set

Beauty is so subjective, and yet here we are, with another opportunity to celebrate the beauty and talent of the South.  Sometimes you just know, when you look at someone, you can see it in their eyes.  From the past that haunts them, to the future that lays open in front of them, you know that in this moment, it is the beauty that has the whole thing hanging in a balance.  And when that moment is captured in one afternoon, it can be magical.  Enjoy.

Model:  Priscilla Hutto

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Cracking Destiny – Teresa Piloto

Sometimes destiny finds you. Other times destiny must be found… and cracked.

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Peace Wins

The world as a whole, is in chaos it seems.

More war, more death, more chaos, is rarely (if ever) the answer to anything.

There are problems that run centuries deep. There are problems we have only recently created for ourselves as a nation… as a world.

Words, like pictures, are powerful. There are certain words that are more damaging, causing more pain, adding to the problems.

There are other words, other pictures, that can heal. They can help. They can be answers.

Peace Wins
Alchemist Imaging
Model: Hannah Payne

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Taunting Beauty – Moriah

There’s a mystery behind those eyes.  She’s beautiful, and she knows it, but there’s also a vulnerability that keeps you at arm’s length.  She knows how to move and how to walk, how to stand, and how to run.  But don’t look too long, because she knows how to break your heart.

Model:  Moriah Paddock, Photo Set:  Alchemist Imaging



Art Makes Good Art

As of 2016, Columbia, South Carolina is no Florence, Italy.  As of yet, South Carolina, in general, is no Mecca for artists.  Every year, however, the Palmetto State and its capital seem to be producing more and more artists that even the most snobbish of art communities are raising an eyebrow, and perhaps even a glass to.  LeJeune, Krajewski, Chernoff, Ladymon and plenty of others have been cranking out more and more work each and every year, making the Columbia area a bit more artsy than ever before.  Who knows?  In a year or so, Greenville may even be forced to concede to Columbia’s earned place of prominence in the art and culture world.

One such artist people are noticing, is Stacy Morgan, proprietor of Lexington’s Paint & Pour in Columbia’s cozy but traffic-laden bedroom community.  Nestled among the other locally-owned establishments in the soon-to-be-bustling Old Mill shopping district, Stacy spends her days painting art and pouring good wine, and teaching others to do the same, like an evangelist of artistic endeavors, making disciples of therapeutic painting, and generally enjoying life in a community that clearly appreciates her message.

All of the natural effects of such a presence in a community probably goes without saying. Everyone knows art makes things beautiful.  It makes people think.  It inspires people, and ideas will flow from the expressions of artists like honey from the comb.  There is, however, a less well-known and harder to define effect of harboring an artist in a community…

…. The point is, their art inspires artists to make art!  Stacy Morgan’s mural on the backside of her quaint little shop in the Old Mill is beautiful.  Inside the Paint & Pour, you’ll find more of Stacy’s colorful murals and more art to gawk, and you’ll likely fine some nice wine to down!  She offers parties, catering, and a great time with her classes for beginners to experienced artists, and all for a very manageable price!

Enjoy this set, with Alchemist Imaging’s Savannah Norton and Brittany McClure, inspired by Stacy Morgan’s Sunflowers!