Frame of Mind, feat. Jennifer Pointer

It’s a rare thing for a model to be born with not only a stunning natural beauty, but to possess such character and charm that surpasses expectation, and does so in such a consistent way, that she lights up the scene and takes by surprise both the camera and the photographer.

In her first commercial ad campaign, for Frame of Mind in West Columbia, South Carolina, she nails it.  Frame of Mind is the premier eyewear boutique in the Southeast, and possibly the coolest place you’ll ever shop for frames.  Here you will discover the only hybrid eyewear boutique and art gallery in South Carolina!  Owned and operated by Mark Plessinger, your experience will be magical, as Mark puts his own feeling and emotion into every pair of frames he fits on every single face.  He views what he does as an art form unto itself, and you will too when you browse his selection of the most exclusive and cutting edge frames available.

As a destination location itself, located at 140 State Street in Historic West Columbia’s blossoming art district, if you’re in Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, Greenville or Savannah, it’s worth the short drive for the exclusive brands you won’t find anywhere else!

Keep an eye out for more from Jennifer, and go visit Frame of Mind and see the difference the art of eyewear can make!

Portrait of a Man

Model:  AJ Hodge

Tragedy and Comedy.  All the world is a stage.

I shot these as a test shoot, and did not intend to use it for anything other than preparing for a commercial shoot idea I had in mind. But the emotion in the eyes, and the depth of the expressions grabbed me as I look, I had to share them – portraits in their own right.

The contrast between the two portraits shown together, is subtle, but potent, and invoke memories of the Greek players.


The Alchemist

Before the Flood

This small set was shot the day before the rains came that created South Carolina’s Historic Flooding.  The lake you see in the background is no longer there today.  Roughly 24 hours after this was shot, the dam holding all that water back, broke, letting loose the waters of the Old Mill Pond, destroying much of Lexington’s Historic Old Mill, including the brew room at the Old Mill Brew Pub (a local favorite of ours here at Alchemist Imaging).

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