Shoot-Out – Asheville NC!

TRAVEL NOTICE – Saturday, June 6th

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Book a half-day shoot experience with Alchemist Imaging photographers in beautiful Asheville, NC and get some time with our Creative Director, and come away with 15+ fully edited digital images for your portfolio!



Choose either morning or evening, and come ready with up to 5 outfit changes, all for just $700  !  NOW JUST $500!

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Payments can be processed securely using either Paypal or Venmo.  Deposits of just 50% MUST be paid to book your half-day experience by the booking deadline of May 31st.



Lake Murray Shoot-Out Weekend!

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May 29th, 30th, & 31st – Lake Murray, South Carolina (Columbia)

Workshop weekend for Models & Photographers with morning and evening shoots, hands on workshop classes on industry secrets, tips & tricks, for both beginners and more advanced models and photographers!

Stay at our beautiful Lake House on Lake Murray in centrally located Columbia, SC, with a small group of professionals, who will be available for consulting on your career in the modeling and photography industry throughout the weekend.  Eat, work and learn with new friends and colleagues on this working get-away with Alchemist Imaging photographers and Hair and Make-Up artists, and come away with a full portfolio of stunning images to prove it!


TOTAL COST OF WEEKEND – $900 (minimum $300 deposit due by 6pm on May 22nd, 2020 with balance due upon arrival).  OR $450 for Saturday ONLY (no accommodation included.  Minimum $200 deposit by 6pm on May 22nd).

Fee includes:

  • accommodation for one person (with full weekend only)
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Hair and Make-Up artist sessions
  • 5 shoots with minimum of 6 fully edited digital photographs (total of at least 30 fully edited digital shots if all sessions are attended), delivered within 2 weeks of Shoot-out Weekend.



Payment options through Venmo or Paypal.  Deposits only refundable if Shoot-out Weekend is postponed or cancelled by Alchemist Imaging.



Friday, May 29th

4:30pm – Check-in/Registration

7pm to 10pm – First Shoot Sessions (hotshots and casual)

10pm to Midnight – Evening Ice Breaker/Mixer

Saturday, May 30thbts-photo-behind-photographer-in-studio-model-blue-background-strobe

6am – 7am Breakfast

7am – Makeup and Wardrobe

8am – Morning Lake and Dock Shoots

10am – Free Time

12:30pm – Lunch

2pm – Workshops (Solid Portfolio and Marketing Yourself – Booking the Business)

3:30pm – Free Time/Portrait Shoot sessions

5:30pm – Dinner

6:45 – Hair and Make-Up Blitz

7:30 Evening Creative Shoots

10pm until…. – Party/Music/Food/Vibes

Sunday, May 31st

6am – Breakfast

7:30am – Morning Shoots

11am – Depart




Post Tenebras Lux

“After Darkness, Light”

Post Tenebras Lux
Post Tenebras Lux

This piece is one of my most popular ones I’ve done.  Together with “Soul of Columbia” it was beautifully printed and framed and on display at the South Carolina State Fair 2017.

Something about this piece seems to grab people’s attention.  It speaks to all of us about the duality of human nature, the beautifully spiritual side of humanity combined with the darkness that resides in us all, usually hidden behind a mask.

The mask in this picture is a 12th Century plague mask, complimenting the setting of a Gothic cathedral.

The process used to create this iconic piece is typical of my work, as it was one of the first steps I took in exploring this style which can continue to be seen throughout most of my more recent art.  After starting with an on-set portrait of the model with studio lighting, shot on a black backdrop, I digitally created and blended all of the background imagery, as well as the spiritual elements such as the overlaid crucifix.  From there it was about continuing to mold and shape and balance the tones and light around the scene until I was happy with the finished product.

Once finished, the work was printed on archival paper by master printer Bill Barley of South Carolina, and framed by Gold Line Framing in West Columbia, South Carolina.

I am very happy to say that two versions of this piece, each slightly different from one another have both sold.  The first is right here in Columbia, South Carolina and the second was just recently sold to a new collector in California who viewed my work on display at the SC State Fair this year.


Epistemology – 32″ x 28″ digital composite
Dan Newbanks/Alchemist Imaging

Epistemology small

How do we know what we know? How much can we rely on our senses? Taste, touch, smell, hear, see. All our experience with the world around us are processed electrical signals received by our brains. What if what is real, is not real at all? What if the electrical signals are not received from our senses, but from some …where … something else? How do YOU know?

Original and prints available for purchase.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

…the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”  –  Jack Kerouac

Body of Work with model

Kendall Davis on location

with Alchemist Imaging

Interested in modeling or working with Alchemist Imaging?  Visit our Model FAQ and fill out our Model Application!

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Priscilla Hutto – Debut set

Beauty is so subjective, and yet here we are, with another opportunity to celebrate the beauty and talent of the South.  Sometimes you just know, when you look at someone, you can see it in their eyes.  From the past that haunts them, to the future that lays open in front of them, you know that in this moment, it is the beauty that has the whole thing hanging in a balance.  And when that moment is captured in one afternoon, it can be magical.  Enjoy.

Model:  Priscilla Hutto

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